My creations, or better, my creatures, come to life in a laboratory located in Chianti.

Lines are drawn following both instinct and reason; sometimes the segments are harmonious and the colors bright, sometimes dissonant and dark. It is usually a sincere feeling that guides the hand, sometimes it is simply meteoropathy. However, it is not unusual that it is the work itself that calls me. Like a vision. Sometimes even in the night. It tells me that it is there, waiting for me. And I feel the need to realize it. Suddenly. Then I look at that sheet, cold, gray, without soul. I smile. It is not what it seems. It is the beginning of a new artwork


What are your goals?

This is what the head of an office asked me the first day of work. "My goals?". I could not give a precise answer, after all I was only a young twenty years old guy. It was a question that really displaced me. But since that day this word began to buzz in my thoughts. Repeatedly. The cases of life, but above all the constant search for my professional ego, then helped me not only to know many trades, but to really understand my ambitions, gradually, going to satisfy that question. So, after trying different paths I chose (a bit on impulse), that of the blacksmith; work that has allowed me to build and elevate myself professionally. In 2005 I opened my craft business. After having made numerous productions in the manufacturing sector in Italy and abroad, I have felt over the years the need to express myself in a different way, giving shape to all those fantasies since long impressed in my mind. Having fun and interpreting art as free rein. Without constraints or limitations. I found a new myself and I think I'll never stop to discover it.


I start playing, I leave space for my creativity, for the child in me. I rediscover myself by drawing, fantasizing, evading from everything that is ordinary. Far from the schemes, but without ever ignoring the reality that surrounds me. I explore my mind, in search of the link that leads to the musicality of the forms. Inspiration can come from rationality, a moment of reflection, or even from the opposite feeling. It also happens that the work arises from the mistake, or that it develops hand by hand through it. The work, even the ordinary one, has contributed to my professional growth. Through the hard work I developed the imagination and refined the techniques. My insatiable curiosity and the desire for evolution also led me to exploit the silicone, a product that gave energy, light and chromaticity to a series of works of absolute originality. Concept and matter evolve themselves into new forms and figures.



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